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Category: DIY

7 Fresh & Quick DIY Face Masks

While our summer days are numbered, the blotchiness and dryness you’ve picked up from the sun along the way may, unfortunately, stick around. Although we love treating ourselves to a fancy […]

11 Ways To Turn Your House Into a Smart Home

The smart home revolution definitely isn’t happening overnight. Even with a flood of new devices and platforms available, most of us are still only inching toward fully automated homes. Still, you can […]

13 Foods That Fight Stress

What makes a food calming? Too often, a client will wave me off when I bring up this topic and say, “Oh, Keri, all foods are calming foods. Whenever I’m […]

Top 10 Health Hacks For Busy People

A recent Gallup poll showed that six in 10 working Americans (61%) say they do not have enough time to do what they want. Are you one of them? Everyone […]